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About Megan

traveler. beer snob. sleep talker. bookworm. houseplant assassin. jeans gal. prefers powder days over spa days. hugger. swears like a sailor. has ants in the pants. is fluent in both spanglish and sarcasm. ninja of parallel parking. would like to figure out a way to appropriately wear yoga pants for any occasion. irish whisperer. thinks chocolate cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. easily amused. worst joke teller ever. believes black olives to be one of the most disgusting foods ever invented. overuser of seinfeld quotes. still uses the word ‘undies.’ all time rocks-paper-scissors champion of the world. certified grammar police. met my husband on a bus and fell in love with him the minute he told me his favorite movie was the goonies and that i had chubby toes (i do). thinks anyone who doesn’t love dogs is weird. frequently makes up words. still thinks “that’s what she said” is damn funny. avoider of doing dishes (at all costs). believes a crisp, sunny Colorado day is as good as it gets. is much more smooth behind the camera instead of in front of it. 

oh, and i would love to make friends and take your picture.

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